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Modeling in High School Math Classes

posted Jul 30, 2013, 6:17 AM by Kathryn Behling   [ updated Jul 30, 2013, 6:24 AM ]
You'll notice a HUGE new addition to common core standards for high school in that MODELING is a part of every single course.  Sure, we were asked to get the students to do some line of best fit stuff with the 2007 SC Math Standards, but nothing like CCSS is expecting.  Something that I feel like math teachers have got to wrap their heads around is data collection in the math classroom.  Up until now, most of us have left that up to the science teachers, but we have to become part of that real world - in  your face - yes, we are actually collecting this data together - great classroom tool.  I've done experiments where my students see Newton's Law of Cooling happening in real life, or they have to really understand the connection between position, velocity, and acceleration by walking out a graph that you've given them, but we have to do more.  This is a little scary because most of us are not strong enough in science to understand what experiments go with what units in math.  Well, Vernier has helped us with this!  I am a strong proponent of the book Real-World Math with Vernier:  Connecting Math and Science (click the link to go to the product page).  

What Vernier has done is give us 32 activities that can be aligned with math classes from PreAlgebra to Calculus and Statistics!  It even aligns the activities with our state standards (although I haven't yet found where they are aligned with CCSS - hopefully this is coming soon!).  It takes the scary idea of "data collection" and turns it into something doable we can implement in our own classes!  

I really love resources like this, so if you have any more that you know of, please pass them along!